Call of duty: mobile brings classic maps with mouse and keyboard
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Call Of Duty: Mobile Brings classic maps with Mouse And Keyboard

Call Of Duty: Mobile is finally at our finger tips, infact, October 1 is the official release date. However thanks to an Android Emulator called GameLoop players will be able to take control of the mobile game using a keyboard and mouse. Is this fair? most certainly not, but there is a chance that players using the emulator will only get matched against other players using the emulator, so in that case, yes it will be.

No minimum device specifications has been detailed as yet, with the COD Team stating “We are working every day both to optimize the game for high-end phones and to make it broadly accessible for as many other devices as well.”

The maps are looking like great classic fun too, bringing back Crash, Killhouse and Crossfire from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Firing Range and Hijacked from CoD Black Ops and Standoff from Black Ops 2.

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