Call of duty: mobile classified intel released
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CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE Classified Intel released

Call Of Duty is about to launch it’s first mobile mission, with Australia and Canada taking control with more territories to follow. The Call of Duty: Mobile team has released some classified Intel on Player Progression, Weapon Unlocking, and how their Ranking works.

Call of duty: mobile classified intel released

Chris Plummer VP of Mobile at Activision, gave a brief rundown on how ranking works saying “Leveling up works differently in Call of Duty: Mobile in that ranks are associated with your progress in ranked play. You start at Rookie rank and progress all the way up to Legendary. Players will earn rank points for each ranked match, based not only on whether their team wins or loses a match, but also their individual performance.

Call Of Duty Mobile will stay to it’s roots with certain items in the game that can only be earned through leveling up your player level. Items like weapons, scorestreaks, grenades, and perks. Along with this, weapons can also be leveled up by using them in-game, this will allow the players to obtain weapon attachments.

When it comes to a personal touch In Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision also have you covered. Earning a variety of rewards just by loading your favorite gun and jumping in to a game. Chris Plummer added “A big part of the game is personalizing your experience and your loadouts the way you want to. Items you can acquire include weapons (and weapon skins/camos associated each weapon), character outfits, melee skins, grenade skins, backpack skins, emotes, sprays, helicopter skins, vehicle skins, parachute skins, Glider skins and weapon XP Cards.”

Call of duty: mobile classified intel released

Great news on release for every Call Of Duty Fan, for when the game launches worldwide, it will be slapped with a big price of ZERO dollars. Yep, you heard that right, Call Of Duty Mobile will be absolutely free to download and dominate. The soft launch is now live in Canada and Australia for Android, and coming soon for iOS. For any other information head on over to the official page at

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