Call of duty: modern warfare 2v2 alpha out on ps4!
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha Out on PS4!

Great news coming out of Gamescom today as Activision is giving PS4 players an exclusive taste of things to come. Yes exclusively on PlayStation 4, play Modern Warfare’s all-new 2v2 mode for FREE August 23! Yep let me repeat that again for FREE, no strings attached. If you had plans this weekend well now is the time to cancel them. Dinner plans? Cancelled. Movie dates? Cancelled. Going out with friends? F**k them. There is only one thing to do this weekend and that’s own the battlefield!

Let MEF TECH fill you all in on the whens, wheres, whats and maybes… ok no maybes! The 2v2 Alpha test is launching this Friday, August 23, at 10 PDT and will run only until Sunday August 25. There will be a preloading scheduled to be available hours before the launch and players can download straight from the PlayStation store.

All PS4 soldiers will get to experience five different maps in the 2v2 mode with the featured maps being King, Pine, Stack, Speedball and Docks. With multiple operators being available and a number of surprises promised to be added throughout the weekend.

The Beta is fast approaching for everyone this weekend being the PS4 exclusive 2v2. From September 12-13 PS4 Early access, September 14-16 PS4 Open Beta and then it opens up to the rest of the community. From September 19-20 we have early Access on Xbox One and PC with an Open Beta on PS4 and September 21-23 will be an Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One, & PC.

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