Call of duty modern warfare - gunsmith teaser
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Call Of Duty is starting to hype up their fans giving a slight taste of the new Gunsmith today via Twitter. Here we get to witness some of the many customization options, from muzzle breaks, suppressors, optics, Stocks, grips and Holo Sights. Get locked and loaded because war is almost upon us.

Gunsmithing is a robust weapon customization option for your two main Loadout weapons so listen carefully and choose wisely. Each Primary and Secondary Weapon can be customized up to five parts of the weapon, with most weapons having nine areas to augment being the muzzle, lasers, optic, stock, rear grip, magazine, underbarrel, barrel, or a Perk. I was never one for perks, always one for weapon attachments.

Call of duty modern warfare - gunsmith teaser

All this hype is just in time for the multiplayer universe gameplay premiere on August 1, 2019. Anyone wishing to watch the event live can do so at on August 1. If you’re wanting to see some raw 2v2 Gunfight gameplay, well you are in luck because thanks to Infinity Ward they have released a snippet below and I must say, it looks pretty amazing! Check it out below.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will launch October 25, 2019 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC with pre-orders available at So suit up solider, you are almost ready to battle.

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