Call of duty modern warfare is getting serious with the details
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Is Getting Serious With The Details

Yesterday Activison released a new post with a quick update on some of the things their team has been working on to improve the overall detail to the game. With animations made to weaponry, idle hands, head movement and even working on reloading and I will run through some below.

Call of duty modern warfare is getting serious with the details
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Firstly, they are making sure you are getting some bad-ass weaponry. Mark Grigsby, the Animation Director said “This extends to the ‘power’ of each and every weapon too; the feeling you get when you launch a satisfying projectile strike against an enemy who refuses to yield. This includes “interacting with the environment itself, so when you shoot these weapons, you feel the power of the weapon, but you also see the impact of the weapon within the game world, in terms of the sound and physics.” There’s a real difference between the impact a .50 cal round has when it hits a wall, compared to a smaller caliber round.” with other animations like sparks and the smoke releasing from the weapons add layers to the already believability of the weapons.

Second, idle hands make for some funky animations. Grigsby and his team focused how your character reacts when you simply CBF running and gunning. Adding that “When you go up the stairs, we added a bit of movement on the weapon to make it look like it’s not bolted to the camera. When you look around, we wanted to do a little bit of leading with the head, and then the gun travels behind.” all this will add to atmosphere of war the are going to build.

Call of duty modern warfare is getting serious with the details

And Lastly, the reload. Well have you ever run into a room ready to F**k some S**t up, realize that your clip is running out fast while your are tagging old charlie boy in the face while screaming DIE DIE DIE?? No, ohh could be just me then. Well, now while you do that you will no longer need to take your scope down to reload, you can happily keep all those bad guys in your sights as you calmly insert another clip so you can finish the job. They also stated, “If you reload from empty, you would reload the weapon, rack it, and then you’re good to go. A tactical reload is when you maybe shot one or two rounds, and you want to replenish your magazine.”

This is shaping up to be another blockbuster game I am sure. For the full write up from Activision head on over here.

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