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Call of Duty Warzone battle royale is coming in March

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode is nothing new to us, as the leaks have been pouring out worse then my ass after a night on a hot Vindaloo and beer. Anyways, we have the Video Games Chronicle to thank for this as the VGC dished the dirt on Modern Warfare’s Warzone mode. Firstly they are guessing that the launch will be on March 10 and secondly it’ll be free-to-play as a standalone game mode.

They are suggesting that this one will be massive, supporting up to 200 players on a map, more bullets, more explosions and more chaos than every before. It’s bringing a lot of areas from the multiplayer maps as you would assume. (Check out the pic below for what is apparently the map.

Call of duty warzone battle royale is coming in march
Call of duty warzone battle royale is coming in march 1

There is also talks of a respawn feature that works by carrying your useless dead teammate to an ambulance and placing his body in the Gulag. From here they wait in a queue to 1v1 duel another useless dead player with the winner being granted a respawn back into the battle! (That actually sounds pretty cool)

I must add that this is ofcourse just another leak and nothing is confirmed by Activision themselves, so take it with a grain of salt… but I like it and think this is on the money, so fuck it, take it with a bucket of salt! If you want the full run down head on over to the Video Games Chronicle and check it out.

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