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Call of Duty Warzone solos mode now available

Call of Duty Warzone has just launched a solos mode for all of us that hate shit team mates and would prefer to mow down 149 solider all on their own.

The official blog at Activision states “Solos is an option for players who are true mercenaries and only want to carry themselves across Verdansk. Only lone wolves need apply; Solo games are the quintessential experience for the player who wants the ultimate challenge – all or nothing.” … best chance I will get nothing, smashed in the gulag even!

Obviously being solo in Call of Duty Warzone means when you die in the gulag you are out, no buy backs this time, although self-revives will be something you might want to consider getting a hold of. I guess the biggest bonus of solo’s would have to be getting rid of all your shit teammates and letting you the true solider do the talking!

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