Capcom Cup 2019 brackets are set
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Capcom Cup 2019 brackets are set

With only Capcom Cup left on the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT), we now know how the 31 top Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players are squaring up against each other in the brackets, with just one spot left to claim: the Last-Chance Qualifier.

The first round matches are going to be played as follows:

  • REC Punk vs. -Zenith
  • YG Machabo vs. NASR AngryBird
  • Mousesports Problem-X vs. CYG BST Daigo Umehara
  • Momochi vs. UYU NL
  • CYG BST Fuudo vs. GO RB Luffy
  • RZR Xian vs. CAG Dogura
  • Talon HotDog29 vs. UYU JB
  • UYU Oil King vs. Liquid Nemo
  • RB Bonchan vs. RISE Smug
  • RB Gachikun (2018 champion) vs. Liquid John Takeuchi
  • NASR Big Bird vs. Sonicboxx 801 Strider
  • NVD Phenom vs. FAV Sako
  • ROHTO Z! Tokido vs. AZ Kichipa-mu
  • Mago vs. LCQ winner
  • Fudoh Fujimura vs. iDom
  • NucleDu vs. CYG BST Infexious

Capcom Cup 2019 is happening between December 13 and December 15 in Los Angeles, California, beginning with the Last-Chance Qualifier tournament to define the last member of the top 32. The Street Fighter League World Finals will also happen after the top 16 for Capcom Cup is defined.

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