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Capcom Releases a New Cinematic Trailer for New Resident Evil Game ‘Project Resistance’

Capcom looks to be heading into a Left For Dead 4 spin-off, releasing a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming title Project Resistance. Check it out below.

By the looks of the trailer, 4 youngsters seemly making their way through an abandon factory while being attacked by zombies and ofcourse a ferocious Licker. That’s not the best bit however because what seems to be the man pushing all the buttons soon reveals himself as none other than Mr X. If you don’t know who Mr. X is then obviously you have been living under a rock for to many years, or maybe you need to go play Resident Evil 2 Remake to truly understand the fear he brings!
(Hopefully they will mod him again with Thomas The Tank Engine)

For now little is known of the upcoming title so your guess is as good as mine, however Capcom has promised to reveal more at the Tokyo Games Show this year so stay tuned!

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