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Capcom’s Project Resistance Gameplay Looks like a great Co-Op Survival Horror

Capcom did say that more information was headed our way at Project Resistance at the Tokyo Game Show and they certainly kept that promise. The new gameplay trailer featured below shows off 4 young survivors facing off against 1 mastermind. The 4 youngsters will have to work together to find a way to the next part of the level, whilst the mastermind is in control of zombies, Lickers, camera’s, Doors and even Mr. X, to ruin everyone’s day!

Capcom is working together with Neobards Entertainment on Project Resistance who will no doubt bring us a game that will tick all the boxes of a great Co-Op survival-horror game. The 2 companies are not shy of working together either of the years bringing out titles such as Resident Evil Origins Collection and the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

A closed beta is coming on October 4 through to October 7 for anyone that is lucky enough to be chosen. However first in order to be chosen you must either be a member of the Xbox Insider Program or an RE Ambassador. Project Resistance is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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