Ces 2020 - razer announce the eracing simulator
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CES 2020 – Razer announce the Eracing Simulator

I’m not the biggest racing sim fan, but this is about to change as Razer have announced The Razer Eracing Simulator concept and it has completely blown my mind! Razer have collaborated with a number of leading sim reading companies to deliver a truly unique and immersive racing experience that will advance competitive racing for both real-world training and racing sims.

Ces 2020 - razer announce the eracing simulator
Ces 2020 - razer announce the eracing simulator 1

Featuring a 202-degree protection system (thanks to two full-HD projectors beaming onto a 128-inch custom black projection surface) that includes a hydraulic racing platform, full manual controls, and an anodised aluminium and carbon fiber steering wheel, the Razer Eracing Simulator features a modular design system that allows for complete chassis customization depending on the simulation scenario. This means you can set up the simulator to replicate the track conditions of your flying lap in Project Cars 2, or modify the chassis setup to mimic the offroad terrian of Dirt Rally 2.0. The center core is able to replicate even the most riggered terrain thanks to the use of two actuators and an advanced gaming control box. Combine this G-Force technology with immersive sound feedback and Razer have ensured that this will change competitive racing for ever.

“The competitive eracing scene is an untapped but growing sector of esports for which Razer has brought a new innovation, making the games more enjoyable, more immersive and more exciting for fans,” says David Tse, Global Esports Director at Razer. “We are ready to invest resources into growing this area of competition.”

Razer plan to continue developing the Eracing Simulator and will invest in competitions and leagues in the near future. I personally can’t wait to follow the progress and hopefully see this concept in homes in the future.

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