Chaos esports club sign quincy crew
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Chaos Esports Club sign Quincy Crew

Despite a disappointing start to the season, Quincy Crew have finally got a significant win under their belts- signing with an established organization. CCnC’s stack has officially been picked up by Chaos Esports Club, this includes their current stand-in’s SabeRLight (offlane) and IllidanSTR (coach) as they head into The Summit 11 in a few days times.

Chaos recently confirmed that the last remaining member from their TI9 run, MiSeRy, was officially released from the organization, leaving the org without a sole representative in their Dota division. Obviously Chaos had bigger plans, as days later they announced the signing of Quincy Crew. The most interesting aspect about Chaos signing Quincy Crew (No, it’s not that there’s still no SumaiL), is that Chaos will compete in the NA region. It does make sense though- Quincy Crew are a NA stack and NA is relativity weak compared to EU. This is their best hope of earning a spot at not only majors, but also TI10.

Now that the roster has the financial support behind them, is there a sneaky chance that SumaiL could return to the team? You’d think that was one of the major draws behind Chaos signing Quincy Crew is possibility of signing one of the biggest names in Dota, SumaiL… time will tell…

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