Check out super mario bros as a fps
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Check out Super Mario Bros as a FPS

Ever wondered what Super Mario Bros. would look as a first-person shooter? Well, I have a pleasant surprise for you! Mapcore, a game development community, recently challenged its members to recreate a particular level from one of three games (Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike 1.6, or Super Mario Bros.) in the software of their choice. Sean Noonan, a Level Designer who’s resume includes such titles as Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Star Citizen, accepted the challenge and done the most incredible job recreating Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in Unreal Engine 4. Check it out!

Sean even nailed the music!

Sean had a clear vision for his challenge, “I wanted to make 1-1 as a time attack FPS” Sean Tweeted during the challenge, “I aimed to emulate Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)”.

The fact that it took Sean a mere 31 days to build such a polished version of his vision is impressive, imagine what Sean could accomplish with more time and resources…

Check out super mario bros as a fps
The challenge was set

Want to see more? Head over to Sean’s Twitter thread and follow his progression of his project over the last month.

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