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Close to the Sun launches on Steam and GOG

Close to the Sun was a game of the year contender

Close to the Sun is a game that needs to be played if I’m being honest and I had the pleasure of reviewing it when it first released. Now some great news for people who boycott Epic Games (Myself now included… over 7 bux lol) as Wired Productions and Storm in a Teacup made the announcement today that their first-person horror adventure is making it’s way to Steam and GOG on May 5th.

It will be available on the Steam and GOG stores from roughly $25 as a special pre-release purchase and will go up in price slightly after release.

We’re excited to finally bring Storm in a Teacup’s shocking first-person adventure to Steam and GOG,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions. “Close to the Sun contains all the ingredients that afficionados of horror games crave: an original setting with beautifully-rendered environments, atmosphere by the bucket-load, a strong narrative and moments that will make you jump out of your skin.”

For all or previous coverage on Close to the Sun you can find that here.

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