Control's launch trailer is out of control... Seriously
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Control’s Launch Trailer is out of Control…Seriously

If the team at Remedy Entertainment know how to do something, it’s to make a Sci-fi game so amazing to watch, brilliant to hear and completely out of CONTROL.

I am still not sure what the game is about exactly in the way of storyline but seriously, the team behind Quantum Break, Alan Wake and my beloved Max Paine, how could they possible do anything wrong. Check out the crazy launch trailer below.

If you need more madness to help you sleep tonight then check out the trailer “Searching For The Truth”, maybe take a look at 8 Minutes of a New Story Mission Gameplay or even the First 13 Minutes of Gameplay.

Either way MEF TECH will have you covered. Control is set for release on August 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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