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CORSAIR Launches T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

CORSAIR is once again expanding its gaming chair lineup with their latest release of the T3 Rush.Much like their T1 Race and T2 Road Warrior, the T3 Rush features a striking design inspired by professional motorsports.

Whilst the T3 Rush is CORSAIR’s first gaming chair to feature a soft fabric exterior, it has kept the player in mind with comfortability being the key to help you game all day… and night. The T3 Rush boasts a range of highly adjustable features so players can get their perfect ass groove, this includes adjustable padded neck cushion, memory foam lumbar pillow support, 4D armrests that can be adjusted in any direction and the seat back is capable of going from fully upright to laying flat with 180° of reclining range. Heck, you might never need to get off this chair ever again.

The CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair is available now from the CORSAIR webstore and is backed by a two-year warranty. If you want to learn more about the T3 RUSH, head on over to here.

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