Count down is on, overwatch storm rising starting soon!
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Count down is on, Overwatch Storm Rising Starting soon!

Overwatch Archives seasonal event Storm Rising is starting soon. The third mission to be declassified from the annals of Overwatch history.

Check out some of the the fast-paced action from Storm Rising below.

Impending storm, threatening tropical Havana sets Overwatch heroes Genji, Mercy, Tracer, and Winston in a race against time. The mission, prevent the elusive Talon operative, Maximilien from slipping through their grasp.

Overwatch Archives will also feature the previous missions, Uprising and Retribution, and chance grab more than 160 new and returning cosmetic items.

Storm Rising is set to hit PCs, Xbox Ones, and PS4 April 16 around 1PM EDT.

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Overwatch event storm rising features 8 new skins!

Overwatch event storm rising features 8 NEW Skins!

Only 3 days left! Win a corsair k55 keyboard and harpoon rgb mouse!

ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT! WIN A Corsair K55 Keyboard and HARPOON RGB Mouse!