Cryengine 5. 6
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CryEngine 5.6 shows us the future in a new tech trailer

It seemed like only yesterday when Crysis came along and pushed everyone’s computers to the max, in fact I believe only a super computer from NASA was able to run it maxed out. Still to this day though nothing can run Crysis 3! Now today the team behind CryEngine have shown off what the latest 5.6 build is capable of. The video below is breathtaking, outstanding and beautiful to watch, that ends in a scene that gets you thinking of what is to come.

The trailer shows off an array of effects such as fog, lighting, mesh and terrain blending, sunlight shards and even the movement of hooks on ropes. These are all things that further push the realism the CryEngine have always pushed for. Again, nothing I say here will do justice to actually watching the trailer and maybe you wont get as excited as me right now, but you should be!

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