Cs:go hits 1 million concurrent players
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CS:GO Hits 1 Million Concurrent Players

CS:GO was released way back in 2012, so you would be forgiven to think that its player base would be minimal, if not non-existant. Well, this isn’t exactly the case… Infact, its player base has shown a consistent growth over the years and has finally broken the one million concurrent players, not bad for an 8-year old game.

Cs:go hits 1 million concurrent players
Cs:go hits 1 million concurrent players 1

The continuing growth of esports is likely to have played a significant part of CS:GO’s rise in popularity, and for good reason too; CS:GO is drawing huge numbers in the esports scene as it is one of the easiest and best games for spectators. This is a winning formula for Valve, one they wish they could implement on Dota 2’s declining player base.

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