Dauntless - Launches Frostfall Seasonal Event
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Dauntless – Launches Frostfall Seasonal Event

The Frostfall Seasonal Event has once again cascaded on Ramsgate. This time around, Frostfall features not only snow and tales of Silver Nikola, but three Frostfall contracts with free limited-time quests and special seasonal rewards.

Starting today. Players can head to the in-game store, check the Event tab and start your first contract quest. A second contract will be added on December 24, and a third will be available on December 26.

  • THE LIGHT KISS CONTRACT – December 17 to December 24
  • THE CAP AND TRADE CONTRACT – December 24 to December 26
  • THE SEATED SLAYER CONTRACT – December 26 to January 2

Completed contracts and be exchanged for some sweet your rewards. If you’re played Frostfall events in the past and already own a contract’s reward, completing the quest will earn you platinum instead. The Frostfall Event will finish up January 30.

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Written by Chris Carew

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