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Dauntless Launches on Consoles and PC May 21

A few months back I spoke of Dauntless dropping their own launcher and heading over to Epic Games Store although not to many details on the date of when the Free-to-play hunter game will be available for consoles.

Stupid Dragon go squish now…. again…

Well look no further as Dauntless will be heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 21. If anyone hasn’t heard of this game, Dauntless is basically a free-to-play hunter game, think Monster Hunter except a bit more cartoony. They also jumped on the bandwagon with most games now a days by offer a ‘Battle Pass’ in which player can unlock extra cosmetic skins for a price.

Phoenix Labs have also got plans for a Nintendo Switch Version and will be planning cross-platform play for everyone to be able to jump in and hunt together.

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