Dave bautista skin is now available in gears 5
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Dave Bautista Skin Is Now Available in Gears 5

The wait is over for fans of Gears 5 who were wanting to play as Dave Bautista and if you ask him, well…”It’s about F**KING time” and I can’t agree more with you Dave! The cross promotion between Gears 5 and the WWE Superstar is now live and will be available for anyone if they log into the game before October 28 for FREE!

Batista is a skin for Marcus Fenix which can be applied in Horde and Multiplayer versus. To apply the skin head over to Marcus Fenix’s customization options and select the skin option, it’s that simple! Gears 5 has had incredible success in it’s first week of launch already pulling in over 3 million players. Gears 5 is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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Gears 5 - over 3 million players during launch week!

Gears 5 – Over 3 Million Players During Launch Week!

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