Deep Dive into DEATHLOOP with Arkane Lyon
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Deep Dive into DEATHLOOP with Arkane Lyon

QuakeCon at Home has continued to deliver with a deep dive into the upcoming first-person action-adventure game DEATHLOOP.

The team at Arkane Lyon took a closer look at DEATHLOOP’s multiplayer on their panel today, discussing what it will be like to jump into a game as Julianna and hunt the player-controlled Colt. With fresh gameplay footage and a deeper discussion of the many ways to play this immersive shooter, PS5 and PC players interested in this highly anticipated upcoming release won’t want to miss this one.

DEATHLOOP is launching exclusively on console for the PS5 and for PC on September 14, 2021. Check out this article here for more info on the gameplay walkthrough you just watched.

QuakeCon continues today and tomorrow check out the full detailed schedule of events at the following link and learn more about all the happenings by visiting here.

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