Destiny 2: the guardian games have arrived
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Destiny 2: The Guardian Games Have Arrived

Destiny 2: The Guardian Games

The Guardian Games have landed today in Destiny 2, the latest seasonal event will give players three weeks to prove their skills by earning points from daily challenges.

The winning class will have a permanent reminder added to the Tower for the rest of the year. To join in the Guardian Games, meet with Eva Levante and Zavala in the Tower to start receiving your daily class challenges.

Destiny 2: The Guardian Games is free for all Destiny 2 players and will feature:

  • High-Stakes Class Competition
  • New Daily Class Challenges
  • New Exotic Heir Apparent
  • New Metallic Class Items

As part of the seasonal event, Bungie are challenging three Guardians head-to-head. Mitch Robinson from the Brisbane Lions football club will joining Destiny 2 and competing in the Guardian Games and representing the Titans. Alongside him are popular Destiny 2 streamers tamsinwood, representing Warlocks, and Phammy, representing Hunters.

Mitch Robinson said, “I’m pumped to be competing as a Titan in Guardian Games against tamsinwood and Phammy. I’m only just starting, so I’ll keep the clangers to a minimum. I look forward to smashing the other classes into little bits.”

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