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Destroy All Humans! Demo and Fun with Alien Guns

Time to start probing in a free demo of Destroy All Humans!

Time to get excited earthlings for another great hit of nostalgia as the classic alien invasion game Destroy All Humans! has just released a demo for you to probe into. Accompanying the good news was a message by the great Crypto 137 himself saying,

“Greetings, fleshy Earth beings. Cryptosporidium 137 here, delivering a message on behalf of the Furon Empire: You are all going to be destroyed.

To show you how much fun I will have, bringing the final elimination to you, I have created a new audio-video transmission to teach you the Furon ways of destruction. Our research has proven, species who are familiar with the several ways of being exterminated, are 27% less likely to resist. So please watch the transmission several times to learn all different methods of being annihilated – we do not want you to be afraid when the alien invasion begins on July 28th, 2020 on the humanoid entertainment systems PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One!”

I myself can not wait to jump back into 1959 in the United States and cause some chaos, first step is downloading the demo to get my quick fix before the release. You can download your copy of the demo here.

For more on Destroy All Humans! check out our previous coverage.

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