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DOOM 3 VR Edition Available Now!

Developed by Archiact in collaboration with id Software, DOOM 3: VR Edition is out now for PlayStation VR. This action-packed new take on the classic transforms the game into a new and intense virtual reality experience.

This version of the game contains DOOM 3 and both expansions. Players can experience DOOM 3 in its entirety, specifically retooled to work with PSVR technology. Featuring new textures, shaders, and sound effects, DOOM 3: VR Edition offers over 15 hours of non-stop action.

New mechanics such as using head tracking to peek around corners or checking your health on a wrist-mounted display help show the full capabilities of PlayStation VR. Fans can go even go a step further for total immersion and use the AIM controller. DOOM 3: VR Edition has full AIM controller support, which allows for precision aiming, blind fire from cover, and other immersive mechanics.

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