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DOOM Eternal Series 2 has landed, COFFEE & CAMO?

DOOM Eternal Series 2 – COFFEE & CAMO

DOOM Eternal series 2 starts today! Dubbed COFFEE & CAMO the series introduces new unlockables for players to earn. Series progression is awarded by earning XP which earnt by balsting your way through weekly challenges, campaign levels and BATTLEMODE.

Doom eternal series 2

Series 2 will run until May 14 and players are able to unlock new weapon skins, icons, nameplates and a few crazy looking skins. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the Hipster Archvile skin, it is… something else.

The first official patch is also confirmed to be on its so stay tuned for more updates. Who knows they may patch out the super jump that speedrunners have been using to absolutely destroy the game recently.

Credit: Karl Jobst

It’s great to see the already beefy game getting more and more content, Doom Eternal is already proving to be a game with some longevity and here’s hoping the Series events are able to keep the momentum going. I know a few of the MEF guys are desperately trying to find some time to rip and tear their way through the campaign mode.

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