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DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode, Slay or be Slayed

With Quakecon 2019 well under way, alot more news is starting to coming out for the upcoming DOOM Eternal, which will be featuring an all new Battlemode. DOOM Battlemode will pit one well-oil demon shredding DOOM slayer, against 2 player controlled blood thirsty demons in a match to the death.

The slayer in Battlemode will come fully loaded with weapons, mods and equipment but he will also have the best demon defending armor a man has ever worn. Put that with his special movement ability’s like the monkey bar vault and the dash and even Satan himself is going to have trouble stopping him. Aggressiveness is always key when it comes to DOOM and players here will need to use the Flame Belch ability for armor and chainsaw demons to chunks for ammunition. Sounds easy right? well what about the demons?

Each demon will have it’s own special ability designed to outclass and outplay the Slayer, that is if the teamwork between demons can be calculated correctly. The Revenant will bombard the area with shoulder-mounted rockets offering powerful long range attacks. The Pain Elemental flies high above the arena and keeps a tactical eye on the Slayer’s position and pressures him from above stopping incoming attacks from the Slayer with a Soul Shield ability. The Mancubus’ is the Tank, who is happy to take a beating just to get close enough to give out their own. The Marauder and Archvile will also be playable but not much news has been released on them yet, they are still trapped in hell and some things are better left a secret. So grab a friend and tell them you will see them in hell!

Doom eternal’s battlemode, slay or be slayed

Bethesda have promised not to stop at launch for this new skirmish mode saying that more content including demons and maps will keep rolling out at no charge.
DOOM is set to be released on November 22, 2019 for Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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