Dota 2 announce 2019 collector's cache vote
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Dota 2 announce 2019 Collector’s Cache vote

As if the current prize pool of $15 million for The International 9 wasn’t big enough, Valve have announced a shortlist of 83 submissions for this year’s community submitted Collector’s Cache. This year Valve have asked creators to focus their theme on overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins and boy, has the community delivered. Battle Pass owners have until June 3 to cast their votes for their favorite submission, think of it as the Tinder of the Dota world. A simple thumbs up for submissions that you like, or a thumbs down for those sets that aren’t up to par.

The highest rated submissions at the conclusion of the voting period will be rewarded with inclusion in the upcoming Collector’s Cache. So jump on Tinder Dota 2 and start voting!

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