Dota 2 gameplay update 7. 26 is here
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Dota 2 Gameplay Update 7.26 is here

The next major patch for Dota 2 is finally here, and it is also the shortest patch notes that we have ever seen for a major patch. 7.26 is set to be an ongoing patch so to speak, with updates being rolled out once Valve can see the impact of this patch. This is Valve basically admitting that they have no idea how this patch will impact the game and wanting to capture data before buffing/nerfing heroes. Why is this you may ask? Well, this is thanks to the a huge gameplay mechanic change in 7.26 that changes how attributes effect the game’s mechanics.

Attributes no longer provide secondary stats such as Magic Resistance, Spell Amplification and Movement Speed. It doesn’t sounds like a huge change, but this straight up nerfs strength and intelligence heroes and buffs certain items that provide these stats. This is why Valve plan to introduce systemic changes once they see how this impacts the meta.

7.26 also sees another change to the gold bounties mechanic by reducing it by 10%, along with also reducing kill steak gold by a huge 50%. It seems that gold will be more precious and harder to get in 7.26, any Alchemist players out there?

You can view the official patch notes here or below.


  • This release is focused only on the following systemic changes. Once these changes settle a bit, there will be follow up hero and item specific adjustments.
  • Attributes no longer provide Magic Resistance, Spell Amplification and Movement Speed for Strength, Intelligence and Agility respectively.
  • Gold bounties reduced by 10% (affects buildings, lane creeps, neutrals and heroes)
  • Kill streak gold is reduced by 50%

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