Dota 2- matumbaman officially joins chaos esports club
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Dota 2- MATUMBAMAN officially joins Chaos Esports Club

Chaos Esport Club have officially announced the acquisition of MATUMBAMAN. Yesterday Chaos posted a cryptic tweet hinting that a new member has joined Chaos, a new member that leaves his shorts laying around. It was either the greatest troll of 2019, or a matter of time until Matu was officially unveiled.

Great signing for Chaos IMO

Chaos are known for their relatively unstable Dota 2 teams. Formally known as Digital Chaos, Chaos Esports Club have been unable to replicate the dream run DC had at TI6. DC/Chaos have previously bought in established teams to compete under their banner such as Team Onyx, Animal Planet and more recently paiN Gaming with varying success.

2018 was a big year for the then Digital Chaos organization with releasing their underperforming Animal Planet roster, re-branding the organization as Chaos Esport Club and the surprise acquisition of South American roster- paiN Gaming. Results were steady for Chaos in SA region, but due to the logistics of having their Dota team compete in a completely different region from their org, Chaos relocated the team to more competitive region of Europe. The EU move delivered poor results that saw the release of two of their Brazilian players- tavo and Kindrd. With w33 moving to the bench due to health reasons, Chaos added Gunnar, Khezu and MiLaN to complete their line up, or so we thought. Despite no official confirmation, hFn has was removed from the team according to the officially Dota 2 Registration database, effectively removing the last link of their SA and paiN Gaming links.

Dota 2- matumbaman officially joins chaos esports club
2 weeks now and Chaos still haven’t addressed the elephant in the room

Now with the official signing of Matu, Chaos will be hoping to bring some stability with their line up. Chaos believe that “one way to build a balanced team is through the careful combination of youth and experience. Veterans will bring a steady hand and a calming presence, while young talent injects energy and new ideas into the team”. Will this Chaos team finally deliver the prolong success that they’re striving for? Or is it just another team put together for one last shot at TI? Only time will tell.

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Dota 2- matumbaman to join chaos esports club

Dota 2- MATUMBAMAN to join Chaos Esports Club

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