Dota 2 - w33 to join team liquid?
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Dota 2 – w33 to join Team Liquid?

UPDATE (20th June)- w33 officially joins Team Liquid

Liquid.w33 confirmed? Well, if Team Liquid’s recent scrim against Navi is any indication then w33 could be their stand-in for the upcoming EPICENTER MAJOR 2019 in 9 days time. Does this mean miracle will permanently move to position 1? Or will w33 and miracle swap positions depending on match ups, similar to how miracle and MATUMBAMAN operated?

Dota 2 - w33 to join team liquid?
Liquid.w33 confirmed?

It was only yesterday that Liquid announced MATUMBAMAN’S departure, a surprise move with less than 3 months until ti9. While w33 has been inactive since May 9, where he announced hat he was taking a break to fix “some long overdue health issues”. It only took Chaos Esports Club 3 days to officially unveil Gunner as their new mid laner, while w33 remained inactive.

Hopefully w33 is 100% and ready for TI

I personally think this is a great move by both Liquid and w33. Liquid pick up a great core that allows miracle to focus on carrying. While w33 gets another stint with a tier 1 organization and hopefully able to replicate his run with Digital Choas back at TI6.

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