Dota 2- wrath of mo'rokai and immortal treasure ii is here
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Dota 2- Wrath of Mo’rokai and Immortal Treasure II is here

The highly anticipated Wrath of the Mo’rokai special event and Immortal Treasure II are finally here. Valve recently said on Twitter that we can expect an update on Friday that includes Wrath of the Mo’rokai, Immortal Treasure II and 10,000 Battle Points, thanks to the TI9 prize pool surpassing last year’s total of $25,532,177. Of course, all this content is exclusive to Battle Pass owners so pick yours up now!

Everyone has been waiting for the Wrath of Mo’rokai and it’s finally here, albeit with only 50 days left of our Battle Passes. What is the Wrath of Mo’rokai? “Mo’rokai require tributes of essence that will help them reclaim dormant abilities and greatly aid those who fight by their sides. Players can gather essence from slain enemies and other caches around the Dota map to guide which arcane powers the Mo’rokai develop. When the Mo’rokai march into the lanes, choose your strategy wisely to make the most of your new ally. The Mo’rokai are powerful, but even they are emboldened with friendly heroes nearby”. For each victory players will earn 250 Battle Points and also a chance to unearth Battle Point bonus bundles throughout the game.

Immortal Treasure II includes all-new items for Dazzle, Timbersaw, Grimstroke, Pugna, Warlock and Luna. As always, each drop has a low chance to also pick up the impressive and rare bearded Lion, very rare (and also unimpressive) Golden versions of the Luna and Timbersaw items and the ultra rare celestial mantle for Ember Spirit.

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