Dota 2 fans rejoice, immortal treasure iii is finally here!
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Dota 2 fans rejoice, Immortal Treasure III is finally here!

Battle Pass owners can finally breathe a little easier as Valve have finally released Immortal Treasure III. You can finally stop posting memes on reddit and begin opening your Immortal III treasures. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and receive the Cosmically Rare Overgrown Emblem?

Dota 2 fans rejoice, immortal treasure iii is finally here!
What’s your favorite?

It took 73 days last year for Valve to eventually release Immortal Treasure III, this year it was a painful 90 days (They’re probably too busy counting their profits). Lucky enough, Immortal Treasure III features a few nice immortals to add to your collections (and some ordinary ones, too) such as Axe’s Crucible of Rile, Mars Progenitor’s Bane and Lycan’s Bloodmaybe Avenger. Of course, there’s always the chance for 50 Bonus Battle Pass Levels as a rare, Golden Crucible of Rile as Very Rare, Necro’s Sullen Rampart as Ultra Rare and the global Cosmically Rare item, Overgrown Emblem.

Don’t care for treasure? The International 2019 begins in 9 days, wowee!

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