Dragonball fighterz world tour finals results
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Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals Results

Paris, France was home to the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020 finals this past weekend, showing one of the most intense competitions ever seen for this game.

Saturday began with the Last-Chance Qualifier to take the covetted 16th spot on the finals. After barely making it into the LCQ, BC Tachikawa took it over WrNx Kayne after losing the first set 3-1 and then taking it 3-0 on the reset.

Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals – Last Chance Qualifier top 8

1stBC TachikawaTeen Gohan/GT Goku/Yamcha
2ndWrNx KayneTeen Gohan/Gotenks/GT Goku //
SSGSS Goku/GT Goku/SSJ Goku
3rdBH3 KydenAndroid 18/Cooler/GT Goku
4thOBAssassinHit/Adult Gohan/Goku Black
5thOplon NokaKid Buu/Adult Gohan/GT Goku
5thR-Cade AliouneMajin Buu/GT Goku/Yamcha
7thTako956402Adult Gohan/GT Goku/SSJ Goku
7thSilverBladeZKid Buu/Teen Gohan/GT Goku

After the LCQ ended, day 1 of pools began with some major upsets, as some of the strongest in the competition, such as ASM Wawa and Sonicfox, fell out of the competition early on.

The top 8 went on with high intensity matches, all to reach the grand finals where none other than CAG‘s GO1 (Goichi) and Fenritti clashed in an epic battle where GO1 took it 3-2 on the first crowining himself champion.

Season 3 was announced at the event, so stay tuned for more news regarding the next season of the DBFZ World Touyr for season 2020/2021.

Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals – Finals top 8

1stCAG GO1Bardock/GT Goku/SSJ Goku
2ndCAG FenrittiCell/GT Goku/SSJ Vegeta
3rddekillsageTeen Gohan/Broly/SSJ Goku
4thBC TachikawaTeen Gohan/GT Goku/Yamcha
5thbc ApologyManPiccolo/Teen Gohan/SSJ Goku
5thMaddoKid Buu/GT Goku/SSJ Goku
7thMatoiAndroid 21/SSJ Goku/Bardock
7thSupernoonKid Buu/Bardock/GT Goku

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