Draugen set for may release
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Draugen set for May release

Set in the 1920’s, Draugen is an upcoming psychological mystery game that takes place in the gorgeous setting of Norway. It’s 1923 and Edward Charles Harden, an American traveller, has traveled from his native homeland and across the sea in an attempt to locate his sister, Elizabeth. Accompanying Edward on his epic journey is Lissie- a gregarious, independent and enigmatic young woman who not only keeps Edward company, but also keeps him on his toes with her erratic behavior. Together you must search for Edward’s missing sister and explore this scenic coastal town that’s nestled amongst the fjords and mountains of rural Norway. Nothing is as it seems on this quiet little coastal town, why does the town appear abandoned? Are you even safe in this town? But more importantly, where is Elizabeth?

Visually stunning, Teddy bear!

Draugen is set for release next week, May 29 on both Steam and GOG. Be sure to check out MEF TECH’s day one review of this masterpiece.

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