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EA in negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and mobile

EA COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen during a call with investors (transcribed by SeekingAlpha), have stated that the company is in talks to bring Apex Legends to China and mobile platforms.

Ea in negotiations to bring apex legends to china and mobile

The Chinese government, strict about what games it will approve for monetization and release in the country. China represents a $30 billion video game industry with over 600 million players. Its a very valuable market to be part of.

During the call it was said “We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile,” said Jorgensen, “And we will update you on timeframes when those negotiations are concluded.” Beyond that, details are unclear at this stage.

Apex Legends has been one of EA’s fastest-growing franchises in history, thats delivered five to 10 times as much revenue as the company projected.

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