Elgato makes waves with the launch of new wave:1 and wave:3 premium microphones
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Elgato Makes Waves with the Launch of New Wave:1 and Wave:3 Premium Microphones

Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3

Elgato whose focus is primarily on hardware for content creators recently announced the launch their first-ever microphones the Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3 and they look a real treat.

These two high-end mics are built in collaboration with LEWITT audio who are world-renowned for their exceptional audio hardware. LEWITT have collaborated the mics for what they are calling real-world streaming scenarios. Both the Wave:1 and the Wave:3 ship with Elgato’s Wave Link app which Elgato call their “complete digital mixing solution” giving creators “the professional audio control they need”.

“We know audio is at the very core of our users’ setups. It starts with the microphone but extends to so many other sources,” said Julian Fest, VP and GM of Elgato. “When we started working on Project Wave, we wanted to build a complete solution that would make professional sound and powerful mixing more accessible than ever.

My favourite feature, which comes standard on both the Wave:1 and Wave:3, would have to be the anti-rage. Or as Elgato prefer to call it, the Clipguard anti-distortion technology. This cleaver feature reroutes sound through a secondary signal path running at a lower volume when it detects someone freaking out (higher than expected input) ensuring streamers avoid any nasty clipping.

This is particularly great news for people watching your stream as now they will be able to clearly hear all your profanity after you’ve fallen victim to a 360 no scope and proceed to have your midstream meltdown.

Taking a quick look at the differences between the two and you’ll find the Wave:3 comes out as the premium offering. Wave:1‘s control dial is a fairly simple setup and controls headphone volume and doubles as a push-to-mute button. The dial is surrounded by an LED ring which provides visual feedback of the mute status.

The Wave:3 kicks it up a notch and that same control dial is now multifunctional. The dial still allows you to adjust the headphone volume, but now also adding the ability to tweak input gain as well as control crossfade between the mic and PC. The mute button is shifted to the top of the mic and is now capacitive allowing silent operation.

Wave:1 and Wave:3 share many core features including a switchable low-cut filter and an internal pop filter to help reduce those hard P sounds. Both are also equipped with 3.5mm headphone jacks featuring 24-bit output and zero-latency audio monitoring. They feature industry-standard sample rate of 48 kHz, while Wave:3 can deliver up to 96kHz for extra detailed sound capture.

Taking a quick look into the Wave Link software and you’ll find a multi-channel digital mixer. Wave Link is designed to turn the Wave misc into an audio hub. You can control the microphones and eight additional audio sources, all of which are routed through the microphone driver allowing mixing with virtually zero latency. Wave Link also allows you to separate outputs in the app creating independent mixes to help make live streams super simple. As you would expect the Wave Link app is also fully compatible with Elgato Stream Deck. The Wave Link software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

These additions to Elagto’s already impressive arsenal reinforce their position as the must-have peripheral brand for streamers. The Wave:1 and Wave:3 microphones will compliment any new or existing setup.

My guess is we might see a bit more hardware news from Elgato in the months to come.

For more on Elgato, check out our previous coverage.

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