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CARRION ‘Behind the Screams’ Video + Nearly 200,000 Copies Sold!

Reverse horror game CARRIONlaunched last week with nearly 200,000 copies sold and hundreds of thousands of players on Xbox Gamepass. Devolver and Phobia Game Studios are celebrating the hit with a ‘Behind the Screams‘ video. A sneaky look at the raw, unfiltered interview with Carrion’s star beast and what physical and emotional toll it took to create its epic art.

CARRION, best described in Logan’s Review – Who Really Is The Monster Here? as “murder spaghetti” and is a “game unlike any other. A unique experience fueled by destruction and tentacles offers a fresh look into a point of view not often seen in gaming.” Said Logan writer at MEF TECH.

CARRION is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Xbox Game Pass holders can also check out CARRION as part of the subscription.

For more on CARRION, check out our previous coverage.

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