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Empire of Sin Is Available Now

Empire of Sin Is Available Now

Paradox Interactive and Romero Games just announced that Empire of Sin is out now. Empire of Sin is a cool looking turn-based strategy game that is set in Chicago during the Prohibition-era of the 1920s. Check out the release trailer below.

Empire of Sin’s gameplay is based around roleplay, managing your empire and of course turn-based combat: 

  • Roleplay: Choose one of fourteen unique bosses based on fictional and real-world gangsters, then set out to build and manage your criminal empire in Chicago’s infamous Prohibition era. Go to the mattresses as Al Capone or Goldie Garneau and send the rest of Chicago’s underworld to sleep with the fishes!
  • Empire Management: Build your Empire of Sin and run Chicago’s underworld economy with business savvy, brutality or city-wide notoriety. Strategically manage your establishments such as speakeasies, supply chains, casinos and more.
  • Turn-Based Combat: Assemble a killer gang from Empire of Sin’s more than fifty recruitable gangsters and slug it out in turn-based combat to defend and expand your territory – or send a  message to opposing gangs.

For more on Empire of Sin, check out our previous coverage.

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