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Epic Games are at it again with Free Games this time, SOMA and Costume Quest

Epic Games just love to give away free games and hey, I love getting free games too! This week the lovely team at Epic Games is giving away survival horror game SOMA and party-based role-playing video game Costume Quest.

In Costume Quest you begin out trick-or-treating until your sibling is captured b a monster. From here you must collect items around your neighborhood with fellow friends in order to face the monster and save your sibling. The game itself has a great rating of 94% positive fan reviews from 1700, so this might be worth checking out.

SOMA on the other hand is a survival horror video game developed and published by Frictional Games, steam describes it as “a sci-fi horror game set below the waves of the Atlantic ocean. Struggle to survive a hostile world that will make you question your very existence.” This game has been around for a few years now and I have always been interested in it, so now is my time. The reviews on Steam are even more impressive, with 95% positive with over 15,000 reviews, expect this game to be well worth the zero price tag.

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