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EPOS Launch The GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds!

EPOS GTW 270 – Engineered for gaming

EPOS today has revealed the sleek looking GTW 270 premium Hybrid Wireless Earbuds. As the first solely EPOS branded mobile gaming peripheral they aim to set a new standard with low-latency audio. Achieved with the included USB-C dongle but don’t worry, Bluetooth is still included to maximise connectivity where zero-latency gaming is not a priority.

The discreet, yet iconic design makes the GTW 270 Hybrid an excellent product for
those who are looking for amazing wireless earbuds for mobile gaming with the best audio quality and no latency. Whether immersed in a gaming session at break time or catching a few rounds of their favourite game on their Switch or phone on a daily commute, the GTW 270 Hybrid delivers no-compromise sound excellence for the gamer on the go.

– Maja Sand-Grimnitz Head of Global Marketing at EPOS

The GTW 270 feature up to five hours battery life from a 90-minute charge and the included carrying case provides an additional 20 hours of charge for extended gaming sessions.

EPOS knows the importance of comfort and the GTW 270 look to be no exception. The unique ergonomic shape is designed to offer both great noise-isolating all while providing a comfortable fit. This is thanks to a database of 800,000 ear scans provided by EPOS parent company Demant, EPOS engineers were able to test numerous designs against the statistical data to find the perfect balance between reduced pressure on nonflexible parts of the ear while maintaining an excellent acoustic seal. Plus with the added bonus of IPX 5 water resistance!

EPOS’s proprietary miniaturized audio drivers promote deep powerful bass, natural
mids and crisp highs with focus on sound quality engineered for gaming. This methodology continues onto the earbuds’ dual microphones, promising clear voice representation and reduced background noise perfect for multiplayer communication.

The GTW 270 Hybrid’s USB-C wireless dongle is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Android phones, in addition to standard Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity to any Bluetooth compatible device. A 1.5-meter USB-C to USB-A converter cable for PC and Sony
PlayStation consoles are also included.

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid is available now on the official EPOS website and select retailers. The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid comes included with a portable charging case, USB-C dongle, different-sized eartips and USB-C to USB-A converter cable, and a suggested retail price of AU$349 AUD/NZ$369 NZD.

The dongle-free GTW 270 version is available now for pre-order with a suggested retail of AU$299 USD/NZ$329 NZD.

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