Esl one los angeles 2020 and birmingham 2020 tournaments to be held online
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ESL One Los Angeles 2020 and Birmingham 2020 tournaments to be held online

ESL have announced that the recently postponed Dota 2 major ESL One Los Angeles 2020, and the upcoming ESL One Birmingham 2020 will both go ahead this year, albeit in an online format rather than your traditional LAN format.

This is still great news for not only esports, but for Dota fans as any Dota is better than none. The even better news is that ESL One Los Angeles 2020 will be kicking off THIS WEEK, March 28 with five regional online leagues. These regional leagues will feature all the top teams in a round-robin stage, followed by a playoff stage with all games to be broadcasted online.

ESL didn’t give a firm date for ESL One Birmingham 2020, other than May – June, which likely means the tournament will begin late May and conclude in June. To read the complete post from ESL, click here.

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