Etnernalenvy announces new team for upcoming dpc season
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EtnernaLEnVy announces new team for upcoming DPC season

EtnernaLEnVy has confirmed his stack for the upcoming DPC season and honestly, it’s not bad. With EE confirming this roster, it confirms recent rumors that pieliedie and SneyKing were kicked from Newbee.

1- EtnernaLEnVy
2- Bryle
3- Moonmeander
4- SneyKing
5- Aui_2000

Apart from SneyKing, last DPC season was a disappointment from the other 4 members of this roster. EE found himself in a variety of stacks and positions, Bryle had some minor success with J.Storm, Moon spent some time with the Tigers org and Aui spent the season coaching Forward Gaming. Currently the roster is looking for sponsors, as per EE’s Tweet.

Knowing EE, this roster could change many, many times. But at present, this roster has the potential to win ask me big tournaments… or excessively feed. Either way, it will be entertaining!

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