Evil geniuses confirm abed & ramzes666 join eg, sumail & s4 out
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Evil Geniuses confirm Abed & Ramzes666 join EG, SumaiL & s4 out

Evil Geniuses have confirmed their roster for the upcoming DPC season and there’s some MASSIVE changes! As expected, both SumaiL and s4 have been replaced with ex-Fnatic midlaner Abed and Russian prodigy Ramzes666, a clear indication that a new generation of Dota has arrived for Evil Geniuses. I guess the rumors were true!

Since joining EG just prior to TI5, the self proclaimed ‘King of the MidlaneSumaiL has been a mainstay for EG, helping the NA giants not only claim the prestigious Aegis of Champions at TI5, but also numerous 3rd placings at various tournaments. As SumaiL is still under contract, he will technically remain part of the EG org, but expected him to be traded and end up with his brother YawaR and their stack.

Evil geniuses confirm abed & ramzes666 join eg, sumail & s4 out
Evil geniuses confirm abed & ramzes666 join eg, sumail & s4 out 1

s4 has been one of the most consistent performers since helping Alliance beat NaVi back at TI3, but unfortunately s4 couldn’t help EG claim a 2nd Ageis at TI8 or TI9. As s4 is now a free agent, he can move freely to any team he wishes. No rumors yet, but I would expect him to move back to the EU region, despite how American he has become…

In EG’s official statement, they claimed that they’ve “elected to pursue players that have established themselves as some of the best that the world has to offer”, and this is evident with the signings of Abed and Ramzes. Abed was the first player to reach 10k MMR and is much on the same vein as SumaiL as a stylish, playmaking midlaner. While Ramzes is one of the best players to come out of the CIS region. Ramzes began his Dota career in the offlane, so the move from position 1 to 3 won’t be as foreign as his move to NA.

I personally love this new line up as there’s exciting, world-class players at every position. Once they build chemistry and familiarity with each other, then their potential is limitless!

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