Evil geniuses defeat astralis to win esl one new york 2019
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Evil Geniuses defeat Astralis to win ESL One New York 2019

Evil Geniuses have returned to CS:GO in the best way possible by winning ESL One New York 2019. EG were simply too strong for their Danish opponents, rounding off the series 3-1 to claim not only victory, but $100,000USD for winning the tournament.

Despite only joining EG 3 days ago, the former NRG boys proved why they’ve been one of the top NA teams of recent times by dominating Astralis on Inferno 16:3, 16:12 on Dust2, before Astralis were able to force a double OT win on Train 20:22. Their momentum was quickly halted as EG were able to close out the tournament with a 16-8 win on Nuke to become ESL One 2019 champions!

Evil geniuses defeat astralis to win esl one new york 2019
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It was a fairytale return for EG, who last competed in Counter Strike 7 years ago. In 2014 EG were rumored to have acquired the iBUYPOWER roster, but this never eventuated due to match-fixing scandals involving players. It took awhile, but they finally pulled the trigger and bought out NRG’s roster with instant success, GGWP EG.

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