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Evo Japan 2020 Results

The Evolution Championship Series: Japan held in Makuhari, Japan has come to an end this past weekend, showcasing once again top level matches; high caliber play and plenty of local and international talent.

SoulCalibur VI was the first game to wrap up. The first stop on the brand new SoulCalibur VI World Tour saw its first champion in BDG BlueGod after a dominant Winners side victory 3-0 over Yuttoto to take the title.

EVO: Japan 2020 SoulCalibur VI top 8

1stBDG| LBlueGodAzwel
2ndYuttotoVoldo, Zasalamel, Raphael, Azwel
3rdIllusion| LinkorzGeralt, Siegfried
4thPG| Shen ChanTira

Samurai Shodown got the spotlight afterwards with Gamera taking the set 3-1 from the Winners side over Mjima with an amazing display of composure and fearlessness from Gamera in game 3.

EVO: Japan Samurai Shodown top 8

3rdAMTRS| ScoreHaohmaru
4th7144| Hishow Shizumaru, Charlotte
7thKatsujiWan-Fu, Jubei

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle saw YG Kubo face off against GRPT DoraBang, who in spite to have the bracket reset by losing the first set 3-1, managed to pull off a convincing 3-0 over his opponent, crowining himself EVO Japan champion.

EVO: Japan BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle top 8

1stYG| KuboYumi, Seth
2ndGRPT| DoraBangNaoto S., Merkava / v-No. 13-, Naoto K.
3rdnk_PChie, Vatista
4thSPB| NobleCarmine, Vatista / Carmine, Heart / Akatsuki, Heart
5thShirotoriYosuke, Seth
5thLOK|ShigeOrie, Izayoi / Weiss, Orie
7thSakura YukkeYumi, Adachi
7thPizamayoYuzuriha, Hilda / Blake, Teddie

Tekken 7 saw its latest DLC character, Leroy, crown itself champion for the first time in the hands of Talon Book, who won 3-2 ove ITO Mikio in the first with a strong showcase of both the character and the player’s top level gameplay.  LEroy was the most predominant character in the top 8 with seven total players.

EVO: Japan Tekken 7 top 8

1stTalon| BookLeroy
2ndITO| MikioJulia
3rdCOOASGAMES| NoromaLeroy, Steve
4thEQNX| UlsanKazumi, Bob, Leroy
5thLiquid| GenLeroy, Shaheen

Olimar took the prize home in the hands of SST Shuton with a solid 3-0, one-set victory coming from Winners over Kome’s Shulk. Although Nintendo not showing support once again for the e-sports side of the game (the only main game without any monetary prizes) Smash’s director Masahiro Sakurai awarded the champion the controversial grand prize for the tournament: a Switch pro-controller with a special golden Smash logo.

EVO: Japan Smash Bros. Ultimate top 8

1stSST| ShutonOlimar
4thR2G| PaserimanFox
5thGW| ZackrayR.O.B, Joker, Mario
5thTG|RaitoDuck Hunt, Banjo-Kazooie
7thShkyZero Suit Samus

Last but not least, EVO: Japan ended on a high note with Street Fighter V Champion Edition grand finals, where DNG Nauman and veteran Mago faced off in a set with Nauman getring the upper hand beating Mago 3-0 after the latter reset the bracket 3-1. The most impressive feature is that Nauman won the tournament using none other than Sakura. This is the first time this character has won a Premier-like event, and did it with formidable fashion.

EVO: Japan Street Fighter V: Champion Edition top 8

1stDNG| NaumanSakura
2ndMagoKarin, Cammy
3rdFAV| SakoMenat, Kage
4thNuckleDuG, R. Mika, Cammy, Guile
5thInfiltrationJuri, Menat, Kolin
5th DNG| Itabashi ZangiefAbigail, Zangief
7thTrashboxBirdie, Ed
7thYG| MachaboNecalli

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