Fall Guys Season 3 - Starts Now!
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Fall Guys Season 3 – Starts Now!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 has made a wintry entrance today, packed full of new rounds, new costumes and a heap of holiday season falls! The team over at Mediatonic has also included a number of improvements that can be found in the season’s patch notes.

Key Features

  • An extended Fame Path full of new costumes, emotes and more!
  • Seven wintry rounds filled with all-new obstacles and traps!
    • Ski Fall – Slip and slide down the icy slope for precarious points! 
    • Tundra Run – An all new take on the gauntlet style, ripe for snowy shenanigans.
    • Freezy Peak – A spiral summit that delights in chucking an endless supply of snowballs down on competitors! 
    • Snowy Scrap – Three teams, three snowballs, zero chill.
    • Pegwin Pursuit – Calling all beans…Bert is loose! In this team game, your job is to grab the Blunderdome’s tiniest penguin pals as they motor around the arena. 
    • Thin Ice – Slivers of icy tiles stand between you and instant elimination in this high-flying final Round. 
    • Roll Off – This fresh showdown takes the perpetual motion and fancy footwork requirements of Roll Out and transforms it into a particularly tricky Final Round! 
  • Quench your thirst for victory with Crown Ranks! The more Crowns you grab, the higher your Crown Rank rises, unlocking a wealth of rewards, including exclusive Golden Costumes!
  • Stay up to date on Fall Guys news and announcements with the new Bulletin Board!

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Written by Chris Carew

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