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Fallout 76: Making Appalachia Your Own with Fallout Worlds

QuakeCon at Home has revealed Fallout Worlds, bringing dynamic adventures in Appalachia with rotating Public Worlds and access to tools to craft their own player-created Custom Worlds. Check out what the team at Bethesda Game Studios discussed below covering what this means, how it will work, and more in their panel.

  • Public Worlds: A rotating series of Fallout Worlds experiences, each with its own unique spin on Appalachia, hand-created by the team at Bethesda Game Studios. Public Worlds will be available and free for all Fallout 76 players to join and experience.
  • Custom Worlds: Custom Worlds take the personalization of Private Servers to another level, granting Fallout 1st members access to Fallout Worlds’ customizable settings to create their own truly unique experiences.
  • Daily Ops Expansion II: Fallout 76’s latest expansion for Daily Ops introduces Double Mutation events every other weekend, a new enemy group, three new locations, and new rewards!
  • More to Explore: Vault 51 is now open for exploration to players in all game modes.

QuakeCon continues today and tomorrow check out the full detailed schedule of events at the following link and learn more about all the happenings by visiting here.

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