First peak - msi 9th generation gaming desktops
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MSI have announced the release of its newest 9th generation gaming desktops. As the name implies all rocking 9th gen Intel CPUs.

First peak - msi 9th generation gaming desktops

6 new MSI desktops join the line up, the Infinite A 9th, Infinite 9th, Infinite S 9th, Trident A 9th, Trident 3 9th, and Codex S 9TH. MSI being vague on specifics currently, what details we do have come in the form of “The Infinite A 9th carries the classic Infinite series’ look, offering gamers inarguably the best of the best performance.” and the “Trident A, with an innovated design derived from Trident series, perfectly blends the elements of the small form factor and gaming power together, offering an edgy yet reliable gaming experience that is suitable for the new generation of gamers.”

Codes S 9th and Infinite S 9th are the two new additions too the MSI gaming desktop line up. With both focusing on small and portable form factors that make them suitable in any environments.

If your looking at taking your first step into PC gaming or upgrading your tired old desktop, MSI has covered off on all entry points with a bunch of options to caters for your needs.

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